Madesure is a lifestyle-oriented insurance benefits-based product range, aiming to improve on the products offered by the plethora of funeral plans out there. We do this by defining a completely new product set and way of thinking. Our purpose-developed benefits are based on the day to day needs of the lower-income earning majority of the South African workforce.

MadeSure has been designed to provide a critical layer of protection for both the employer and the employee. Your employee enjoys the category leading benefits, paid for by you, their employer. This not only improves relations and helps formalise casual labour, but it is the right thing to do.

Those who work hard for very little live a challenging life, with little or no security in their everyday environments. Their homes, their belongings, their personal safety, access to medical care, steady income and many other aspects of daily life are under constant threat. They have been sold one-dimensional, high-margin funeral-based benefits for many years. The time has come to better service their needs, forego the high-margin funeral products and offer real, tangible value-based products and services. Our products have an actual impact on their daily lives and they provide real peace of mind and financial security.

It’s super simple, all you do is submit your details and the contact details of your employee and we will call you both and take you through the easy onboarding process. MadeSure is a first where you can offer market leading lifestyle insurance benefits for your nominated employee.

You can sign up online in 2 minutes and bypass the call centre, give us a call on our dedicated line or submit your details and we will call you back. We require your basic contact details and those of your employee. From there we follow an industry standard, regulated onboarding procedure. All calls are recorded and are kept on file for your benefit.

Yes, you can sign up by simply completing our 100% secure Electronic Mandate form on web or mobile. It takes less than 2 minutes and we will call your employee and do the rest. The electronic mandate is a bank debit authorisation form that complies with all the financial regulations of South Africa and uses your IP address and your digital signature for authentication. It employs cutting edge technology to verify your banking details and helps prevent online fraud.

MadeSure (Pty) Ltd and Africa Direct Life and Investments (Pty) Ltd (FSP. 45834) have joined forces to bring the Protector® Range into the market. Africa Direct is a specialist in providing financial services to government employees and MadeSure is the public facing brand.

MadeSure covers your employee for a wide range of day to day incidents and includes final rest benefits, helping them save on monthly funeral plan costs. For more details, check out the full range of benefits available to employees. 

  1. Funeral Benefits
  • Final Rest. R18,000. Covers all causes of death.
  • Accidental Death R50,000 cover.
  • Body Repatriation Up to R35,000 cover. This pays for transportation costs of the deceased or critically injured.
  1. Income Protection Benefits
  • Income Replacement for Serious Illness (i.e. Cancer, heart attack, stroke) pays up to R1,000 per week for up to 13 weeks. Max claim age 55. 30-day waiting period. Does not cover pre-existing conditions.
  1. Hospital Cover Benefits
  • Hospital Cash Plan for Accidental Injury – R1,000 per day for up to 14 days P/A – 48-Hour waiting period.
  • ER24: Emergency Medical Care with access to immediate medical assistance for you and your family. Available 24/7. Hotline 083 124.
  • Hospital Guarantee Cash R7,500
  • Emergency Transportation at R100,000
  • Life Support equipment is also provided up to R100,000.
  • Rehabilitation – where an employee is unable to perform his own job but can be rehabilitated to perform a different job, the policy covers 80% (up to R75,000) of the re-training costs.
  1. Disability Benefits
  • Permanent Disability Cover. R50,000.  No waiting periods.
  • Mobility Cover Up to R150,000 for permanent disability. Covers costs for electric wheelchair + prosthetics.
  • Childcare R200 per day for 28 days on Accidental Disability of main member/spouse/child. 7-day waiting period.
  1. Lifestyle Benefits
  • HIV accidental exposure benefit – covers a 7-day course of STI medication. Up to R100,000 cover. (Pays out for HIV infection due to blood transfusion or rape).
  • Trauma Counseling R750 per session. (up to R25,000 per family member p.a.) Covering acts of violence.
  • Debt Saver Program – debt assist, protection from creditors and free credit checks.
  • Avis 14 Seater – Discounted rate for 7 days.

No. Medical aid schemes are considerably more expensive and are governed by different legislation. MadeSure includes Hospital benefits which fall under Medical Insurance. Medical Insurance is a lump sum paid out to the insured on or for specific, stipulated events. Other differences between healthy insurance and medical aid include:

  1. Health Insurance covers unforeseen risks according to cover limits, whereas medical aid schemes cover medical conditions according to scheme rules and managed health care protocols.
  2. Health insurance policies may include death and/or funeral covers, while medical aid schemes are not allowed to offer death and/or funeral covers as part of a Medical Aid scheme.
  3. Health insurance pays directly to the insured whereas medical aid does not.

Simply visit our how to claim page or call us on 0860 12 11 75

The MadeSure policy allows you to cancel without any period of notice. You can also give this notice of cancellation over the telephone. We will confirm the cancellation in writing. Any enquiries to be sent via email to enquiries@madesure.co.za. 

Taking out a MadeSure policy could not be simpler! MadeSure does not require much paperwork. All our voice calls are recorded and serve as part of your legal contract with us, so you may apply for cover and lodge your claim telephonically. The fact that the calls are recorded ensures the safety of the info you provide and it protects both your rights and ours.

It’s simple, if you select the *Plus option, we will RICA your Cell C SIM card and post it to you within 30 days. Once the 1st debit has been collected, the airtime will automatically be loaded onto the SIM within 7 working days and will continue to be as long as the policy is in-force.

That is up to the person paying for the policy. Some employers prefer to administer the funds and others opt for their employees to be paid directly.

Should our premiums increase due to inflation, you will be provided with 30 days written notice before this change takes effect.

  • Final Rest – 90 days
  • Income Protection – 30 days
  • Hospital Cash Payout – 48 hours
  • In Patient Benefit – 48 hours
  • Disability – No waiting period
  • Childcare benefit – 7 days

No, MadeSure has been designed to protect the breadwinner and by doing so, the family will indirectly benefit from the financial cover.

None whatsoever.