MadeSure for Business Protector® Plan

The MadeSure for Business product mix has been developed from the ground up to provide businesses and their workers with real, honest lifestyle cover. The MadeSure for Business Protector was designed off the back of extensive research and a real-life needs analysis of employers of low income earning, their workers, and their families.

The MadeSure Business Protector® consists of an expertly formulated product-mix, consisting of a range of benefits to protect workers day-to-day lives & funeral needs.

It provides the business (employer) with all the necessary security to know that their workers are covered and protected. It has been designed to make business owners lives easier, minimise admin and lessen the financial burden they experience when workers are injured or seriously ill. It also gives the business owner assurance that they can bury their employees and do not experience any financial strain in the unfortunate event of a loss of life.

The worker (employee) gets real financial peace of mind and security with benefits they have never had before, especially in instances of loss of income, illness, injury, traumatic events, HIV and more. MadeSure also covers workers outside work hours. Thus ensuring real protection and security, 24/7.

A total of 25 benefits are included (life & funeral), have the confidence that you and your workers have the broadest range of benefits available, at the lowest possible price. How do we do this? By minimising traditionally, large “funeral plan” profit margins and solid actuarial risk profiling, coupled with bulk purchasing are a few of the things MadeSure does to deliver the best prices.

MadeSure Business Protector® is available to all foreign nationals working in South Africa. No work certificates and no medical certificates are required. It costs only R95 per month or R150 per month, which includes R150 monthly airtime or R200 per month, which includes R200 monthly airtime MadeSure has developed a product to address the clear need for the above. Enter the MadeSure BUSINESS Protector® and BUSINESS Protector Plus®.

No Work Permit Required

No Medical Certificate Required

Available to All Foreign Nationals

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